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17,90 EUR*
Details G Data Internet Security Privacy Edition

Optimal geschützt im WWW: verschlüsselt auf sicheren Servern und anonym Mit G Data Internet Security Privacy Edition sind Sie gleich 3-fach abgesichert: am PC, auf Ihrem Android-Gerät und gegen Online-Gefahren. Schützen Sie Ihre privaten Daten auf ...

187,81 EUR*
Details E-Discovery and Data Privacy: A Practical Guide

E-Discovery and Data Privacy It is not unusual in corporate litigation for the outcome of a case to hinge on thediscovery in court of electronically-stored information (ESI). Yet in most jurisdictions(notably among EU Member States) the withholding of ...

28,99 EUR*
Details Privacy in Social Networks (Synthesis Lecutres on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery)

Privacy in Social Networks This synthesis lecture provides a survey of work on privacy in online social networks (OSNs). This work encompasses concerns of users as well as service providers and third parties. Our goal is to approach such concerns from ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Preserving Privacy in On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) (Advances in Information Security)

Preserving Privacy in On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) This book addresses the privacy issue of On-Line Analytic Processing (OLAP) systems. It reviews a series of methods that can precisely answer data cube-style OLAP, regarding sensitive data ...

40,61 EUR*
Details Healthcare Information Privacy and Security: Regulatory Compliance and Data Security in the Age of Electronic Health Records

Healthcare IT is the growth industry right now, and the need for guidance in regard to privacy and security is huge. Why? With new federal incentives and penalties tied to the HITECH Act, HIPAA, and the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) ...

85,59 EUR*
Details IT-Security and Privacy: Design and Use of Privacy-Enhancing Security Mechanisms (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

IT-security and Privacy Invasion of privacy and misuse of personal data are some of the negative effects of information and communication technologies. Taking into account technical aspects from IT security, this book presents a task-based privacy ...

53,58 EUR*
Details Black Boxes: Event Data Recorder Rulemaking for Automobiles

Black Boxes This is the first book that details the final National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rulemaking for Event Data Recorders (EDRs). The text examines the unique legal and privacy issues associated with EDRs in automobiles and ...

18,00 EUR*
Details Privacy in Peril: How We Are Sacrificing a Fundamental Right in Exchange for Security and Convenience

This provocative book offers a probing account of the erosion of privacy in American society, that shows that we are often unwitting, if willing, accomplices, providing personal data in exchange for security or convenience. The author reveals that in ...

23,77 EUR*
Details Web of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet

Web of Deception As the Internet has become flooded with untrustworthy information, some of which is intentionally misleading or erroneous, this book teaches Web surfers how inaccurate data can affect their health, privacy, investments, business ...

74,89 EUR*
Details Inference Control in Statistical Databases: From Theory to Practice (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Inference Control in Statistical Databases Inference control in statistical databases is about finding tradeoffs between the need for accurate statistical data and the legal and ethical obligation to protect privacy of individuals and enterprises ...